Our Customs and Beliefs

  • Torah is the foundation of Jewish life.
  • We are Progressive Jews.  
  • We believe that Jewish law does not remain static, nor does it always carry the same value for Jews in different ages.  It is the responsibility of each generation to understand and apply the general principles of Jewish Law in order to lead a good and meaningful life.
  • We believe that the Tanakh contains a set of rules and values that are inspired by God, written by people and interpreted by each generation.
  • We observe and celebrate Jewish festivals.
  • We read some prayers in English.
  • We observe the spirit of Kashrut in line with point 4 above. 
  • We are an egalitarian congregation, meaning that there is total equality for men and women in all aspects of religious life.
  • Boys and girls are bar/bat mitzvah with the same service at age 13.
  • We support Israel as being a homeland for Jewish people

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